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French Toast Keto Brownie Recipe – LowCarb Avenue™ Low Carb French Toast

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We tried making a low carb version of the Tiktok famous brownie batter french toast… and it was delicious! The low carb bread is the star of the show, if you don’t have good bread you can’t have great toast. The LowCarb Avenue bread doesn’t flatten in your mouth like most other brands do, instead it provides the perfect amount of substance for any sandwich or for some french toast!

Keto French Toast Recipe – LowCarb Avenue™ Low Carb Breakfast Recipe

low carb classic french toast with berries and no sugar added lowcarb avenue bread recipe

French Toast Recipe is traditionally made with french bread which has a lot of substance to it but the problem with a lot of low carb breads is that they don’t have much substance and they flatten in your mouth. But not our bread! LowCarb Avenue’s keto bread makes the most delicious and filling Keto […]

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