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Read What Our Customers Say About Us

Read what some of our customers are saying about our bread…

So happy with this find!

I’ve been Keto on and off and it was always bread that made it difficult. This is the BEST keto bread I’ve ever had!

- Dina Shafey

Best Low Carb Bread Ever

I have tried all the popular brands of low carb bread out there and Low Carb Avenue bread is the very best, by a long shot. It is delicious with great texture and has changed my low carb life immeasurably. I can not say enough good things about this fresh-baked wonderful product.

- Jodine Bloom

Finally! Guilt Free Bread for Keto.

Reducing carbs on Keto just got easier. I enjoy using LowCarb Avenue bread for sandwiches and avocado toast. The taste and consistency surpass all other bread I have tried. Thank you!

- Shoney Ponda

Very Good.

Very good bread, Soft and tasty.

- Renu Sharma


Excellent bread, with good texture and taste. You can’t even tell it’s low carb! Will be a staple in my house!

- Shabina Ahmed

Soft and delicious

Thank you for the delicious and healthy loaf of bread! Needless to say, it is so true that we are what we eat! My husband and I enjoyed your bread, lightly toasted, for its chewy protein texture, savory yet not salty flavor and delicious seeds. It is also well- baked for soft bread, just right on moisture. There are many people like me who will appreciate your bread.

- Asya Mirvis

Healthy slices

Thank you for healthy, tasty, low calories, awesome slices. Our family enjoys eating bread. It is delicious, soft and full of healthy vitamins. It is soft and chewy too. We are sure that, once you try it, you will be addicted.

- Leyla Ozdemir

Great tasting low carb bread

Dr. B’s low carb avenue bread is a hit with our family – even our 13 yo gives it two thumbs up and often turns to this bread for a quick breakfast before school. The bread, is light, airy, and well seasoned. But best of all we feel so much better eating it as opposed to regular bread – because of the high protein and low calorie content. With a layer of butter or cream cheese this bread can be a guilt-free wholesome filling snack anytime of the day. If you are looking for an alternative to regular bread – be sure to pick up a loaf of Dr. B’s low carb bread. You will not go back to eating regular bread again.

- Shruti J

Healthy and delicious

Thank you for making the delicious and healthy bread! The bread is so good that we always run out very fast. Our family enjoys it for breakfast with butter as well as for lunch sandwiches.

- Puri Family

Bread is really soft

Bread is really soft and has good texture. It tastes so much like normal wheat bread you couldn’t tell the difference, except it’s more light and airy. This bread has all the flavors of a normal loaf, but it has none of the artificial preservatives and so many more health benefits. Overall, it’s a feel good product.

- Kasinath Parepally

Tasty and very soft bread

I don’t feel like I am eating low card bread. It’s very tasty and soft bread. My kids liked it very much. He likes to have it in snack time every day. Big thanks to the whole team.

- Krishnaveni

Tasty and Healthy!!!!

Perfect low carb replacement for bread lovers. Enjoying every slice being guilt free … Well made with a good shelf life.

- Bhagirath Reddy Palla

Amazing & Versatile!

Dr. B’s bread is excellent. It not only has great taste, but great taste and nutrition. Additionally, it can be used just as one would use traditional bread in a recipe, such as for stuffing, croutons or bread crumbs. Having this bread as an option on my Keto diet has greatly helped me to remain on the diet and not feel deprived! Thank you, Dr. B!

-Mary Martin

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