Low Carb Everything Bread (3 Pack)

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Enjoy the Health and Nutrition Benefits of Low Carb Avenue’s Everything Bread

Are you looking for a healthier alternative to traditional breads that still offers a delicious and nutrient-rich meal? Look no further than Low Carb Avenue’s Everything Bread! This is the perfect bread for anyone following a low-carb or high-protein diet.

This flaxseed bread provides an array of amazing health and nutrition benefits. Flaxseed is a fantastic source of Omega-3 fatty acids essential for heart health. It contains high dietary fiber levels, promoting a healthy digestive system.

This everything bread is also packed with 7 grams of protein per slice – making it the perfect protein-rich snack or part of a balanced meal. Our high protein bread is just what you need to increase your protein intake in the most delicious way. This versatile bread can also be used for any meal of the day, from a hearty breakfast sandwich to a savory dinner entrée.

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Water, Vital Wheat Gluten, Almond Flour, Wheat Protein Isolate, freshly ground Flax Seed, Oat Fiber, Olive Oil, Wheat Starch, Dark Rye Flour, Wheat Fiber, fermented oregano & flax seed, Vinegar, Yeast, organic Enzyme, Allulose, Sea Salt, Baking Powder and Seasoning (sesame seeds, poppy seeds, garlic, onion, and salt). This product contains Almonds

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Keep refrigerated for consumption within a week. Freeze for long-term storage for up to 12 months. Thaw it either overnight in the refrigerator or leave it in room temperature for at least 30 min then toast it on your preferred setting.

15 reviews for Low Carb Everything Bread (3 Pack)

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    Angelina Savin (verified owner)

    I am more than happy with this product. I decided to give this bread a try after searching and searching for a decent low cal bread that had a bit more protein than normal bread. The other higher protein bread that I’ve tried usually also came with a TON of fiber, like over 7 or 8 grams per slice of bread, and tasted like you were eating really chewy sand. So I was both excited and skeptical when I stumbled upon this bread with almost DOUBLE the amount of protein in normal bread, with a whopping 7 grams, and only 3g of fiber. It tastes incredible, honestly better than normal breads do. I’m now able to gain an extra 14 grams of protein with every sandiwch I eat! This was life changing for my vegetarian lifestyle. I love this product and recommend the heck out of it, especially for my fellow vegetarians or vegans.

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    Nicolas Rodrigo (verified owner)

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    Liana Danilova (verified owner)

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    Helene V (verified owner)

    Bread definitely tastes really good, way better than I was expecting and much better than any other low carb bread I’ve tried. BUT the price is far too high. I buy this bread because I can’t stand the after taste that other keto breads have but paying almost $15 per loaf sucks.

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    Sarah W. (verified owner)

  6. Avatar

    Laurel Willa M. (verified owner)

    My kids and I love this bread, they have no clue that it’s not normal bread, because it looks and tastes just like that.

  7. Avatar

    Whitney (verified owner)

  8. Avatar

    Avery (verified owner)

    If this bread was cheaper this review would’ve gotten 5 stars. I still do buy this bread every few weeks and haven’t been able to eat any of the other keto breads after trying this one. BUT…. the price is just really high, not just this bread, almost all keto products come with some really high premium price tag! Atleast this bread uses expensive ingredients so I guess you can kind-of justify the price, but still.

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    Kaden Arabic (verified owner)

    I’m super particular about the texture of my food and I hadn’t been satisfied with any of the high protein bread options out there. This bread however is the perfect for me, it doesn’t have the flat, sticky, or grainy texture that a lot of other high protein breads have!

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    Shruti J (verified owner)

    Dr. B’s low carb avenue bread is a hit with our family – even our 13 yo gives it two thumbs up and often turns to this bread for a quick breakfast before school. The bread, is light, airy, and well seasoned. But best of all we feel so much better eating it as opposed to regular bread – because of the high protein and low calorie content. With a layer of butter or cream cheese this bread can be a guilt-free wholesome filling snack anytime of the day. If you are looking for an alternative to regular bread – be sure to pick up a loaf of Dr. B’s low carb bread. You will not go back to eating regular bread again.

  11. Avatar

    Patty Ewing (verified owner)

    these breads have become a staple in our household, sometimes they come out REALLY HUGE and sometimes normal bread size but that’s expected when they’re hand made and, every time we order them the taste is unfaltering and delicious every single time.

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    Shabina Ahmed (verified owner)

    Excellent bread, with good texture and taste. You can’t even tell it’s low carb! Will be a staple in my house!

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    Dina Shafey (verified owner)

    I’ve been Keto on and off and it was always bread that made it difficult. This is the BEST keto bread I’ve ever had!

  14. Avatar

    Terri D. Lawrence (verified owner)

    this bread just does not disappoint. i have tried some other breads but all i could taste was fiber and this bread only has 3g of fiber per slice like normal bread, it’s definitely worth the buy.

  15. Avatar

    Samuel (verified owner)

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