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Our Mission

Balancing Taste and Health with Low Carbs

Our Mission is to make honest, delicious food that will help you prevent, treat, and reverse many common chronic medical conditions. Our food will help you maintain good health without compromising on ingredients – or taste.

Here’s The Story Of Dr. B’s Bread…

Struggling with various diets early in life inspired Dr. B to dedicate her career to Nutrition/Obesity and Preventive Medicine. To ensure a healthy diet for herself, Dr. B began baking low carb bread in her kitchen. She continued to refine her recipes over the years but never compromised the taste or the quality of the ingredients used to bake her bread.

While Dr. B has been following and prescribing a Low Carb diet since 2011 with great success, she noticed it was a challenge for many to maintain a low carb lifestyle. Repeated complaints of the cardboard-like taste of low carb foods motivated Dr. B to develop low carb food products that neither compromise taste nor the quality of the ingredients. Dr. B understood that for her patients to adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle, they must enjoy the food. Upon her patient’s request, she began giving samples of her bread to her patients. And when they tried it, they loved it so much that they convinced her to make it available to others looking for an honest, delicious, and low carb bread.

Today, Dr. B’s bread has become a staple in her own kitchen and the kitchen of her patients, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and now in yours too.