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Navigating the World of Low Sodium Bread: A Healthier Choice

It can be very difficult to find healthy bread options when it comes to the vast world of bread products. Many contain excessive amounts of sodium, which can be harmful if consumed in large quantities. Fortunately, there are a few brands, like LowCarb Avenue, that offer a low sodium breads made with healthier ingredients. c

High sodium foods can be detrimental to your health. Excess sodium intake can lead to water retention and a buildup of fluid in the body. This can cause high blood pressure and other serious cardiovascular issues. Too much sodium can put a lot of your organs at risk, including your kidneys, gallbladder, heart, and your brain. To stay on the safe side try to substitute some staple foods with low-sodium alternatives. Low sodium breads are a great place to start.

Key Components of Low Sodium Breads

Low-sodium breads use flours that naturally contain less sodium and are usually made with little to no preservatives. LowCarb Avenue’s  low carb breads have only 70 mg of sodium per slice which is just 3% of your daily value of sodium! The primary flours we use in our keto breads are vital wheat gluten, almond flour, oat flours, and ground flaxseed. Every one of these flours has very low sodium content if any at all. On the other hand conventional wheat flours and all purpose flours that are commonly used in traditional breads, are very high in sodium.

Vital Elements in Low Sodium Bread or Salt-Free Bread

Low sodium breads healthy bread generally contain slightly lower levels of sodium than traditional breads, but the amount varies widely by brand and type. Generally speaking, these breads tend to contain under 140 mg of sodium per slice. Low-sodium bread can be a delicious way to get some extra fiber and nutrients into your diet without taking in too much salt.

Salt-free bread is made without any added salt whatsoever. It contains only naturally occurring salts from flours like wheat flour or other ingredients. Though these are usually significantly less than the amounts found in low-sodium varieties of regular white bread with added salt. Salt-free options are ideal for those who need to severely reduce their intake of dietary salt due to serious medical conditions.

Ending Words

Low Sodium Bread

Unlike low fat bread, sugar free bread, vegan bread, or low calorie bread, low sodium bread doesn’t have its own distinguished category yet. You need to be very careful when reading labels on all kinds of bread to find one that fits your dietary restrictions.

Benefits of Salt-Free Breads

As mentioned, the greatest benefit of choosing low-sodium bread, salt-free bread, or low salt bread is its lack of excessive added sodium. This makes them a more healthful choice for those trying to reduce their intake of dietary sodium.

 Additionally, there are several other benefits associated with skipping out on added salts in your food.

1. Reduced water retention and bloating.

2. Relieved pressure on organs like kidneys.

3. Improved heart protection.

4. Better digestion

All due to a lack of preservatives which could burden our digestive system excessively. Low sodium bread could also help reduce toxin build ups inside our bodies over time.

LowCarb Avenue Has Got You Covered

Low sodium and salt free breads may also be ideal for those watching their carb count. Wheat products are generally high in carbohydrates, which can prevent some individuals from reaching their weight loss goals. By staying away from high-carb and high-sodium foods, you may be able to maintain better control over blood sugar levels as well as overall sodium intake. The healthy ingredients used in LowCarb Avenue’s unique keto bread recipe are not only low in sodium, but also vegan, high protein, sugar free, and low carb!

It can be tricky finding nutritious options when it comes to bread products but fortunately we’ve got you covered. We offer keto friendly bread loaves packed with nutrient dense flours with minimal amounts of naturally occurring salts. With our low sodium bread loaves you can have a delicious meal without worrying about your salt consumption.

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