What’s Your Best Choice While on Low Carbs Diet?

There has been a significant argument on a low carbohydrate diet in diabetes and weight management. According to the American Diabetes Association, metabolic and weight improvements can be achieved with the Mediterranean diet, low carb or low-fat diet (Wylie-Rosett et al., 2013). In general, a healthy person made his daily diet with a proportion of 50% carbohydrates, 20% proteins and 30% fats.

Low carb food


Low carbohydrates diet made up of only 10-20% carbs so that the body takes fuel from stored body fat. When transforming a diet into a low carbohydrate diet increases the intake of good fats, protein and vegetables for the replacement of carbs and promote satiety. Low Carbs and keto diet both are similar in reducing the amount of carbohydrates intake and shows positive results on health issues like weight loss, CVD or diabetes. Mainly reducing carbohydrate intake for weight loss purpose (McSwiney and Doyle, 2019).

Following the Low Carbs diet is much easier and less restrictive than any other type of diet. You can follow it for a long term without worrying or fed up. You need to avoid sugar from carbonated beverages, soft drink, ice creams, candies, whole wheat bread and cereals or any other dietary product made up of added sugar.

Diabetes-friendly Low Carb diet:

Carbohydrate raises the insulin level more than other food constitutes. So that overeating of high carbohydrate diet can cause obesity, hyperinsulinemia or glucose intolerance. Insulin is secreted in response to all food intake not only in carbohydrate intake (Blackburn et al., 2001). 

In type II diabetes the nutritional management plays an important role. According to researcher’s low carbohydrate keto diet improves the metabolic measure in type II diabetic adults also decrease the intake of medication-related to diabetes (Saslow et al., 2017). Obesity and diabetes are strongly interlinked with each other as well as both increases the risk of cardiovascular disease which is higher in female than male. In Feinman et al., (2015) Nutrition issue he suggested that low carbohydrate diet is more helpful in diabetes management.

Never say NO to bread:

Bread is baked worldwide, and it is counted as the staple food of many countries. It made up of whole wheat or refined wheat that lead to high carbohydrates. Many people exclude bread from their diet for the sake of weight loss or specific health problems management.

To consider all these issues  www.lowcarbavenue.com is offering Low Carb bread by using almond flour, flaxseed and oat fibre so you don’t need to exclude bread from your diet. In general sugar or other sweeteners, the substitute is used in bread making but LowCarbsAvenue provides you bread with zero-gram sugar. We made a recipe with 2 grams carbohydrate and 7 grams Protein. Per serving of bread provide you 60 calories from your daily calories requirements with some other micronutrients. We have different types of bread like Low Carb everything bread, Low Carb Seasame bread and Low Carb Plain bread. You can choose according to your choice and taste without compromising.


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